This is an extract of the Welcome letter for the Child Sponsor.

We are happy & pleased to welcome you as our new sponsor in El Shaddai. Thank you for sponsoring Kushboo Mullah ID 785 from Rainbow House. Kushboo is very fortunate to have you as her sponsor. For updates on our charity please visit our website or email
Your sponsorship is the start of a rewarding and fulfilling relationship, many people visit Goa regularly on holiday and are happy to see ‘their child’ growing up, making each visit a very personal experience.  We now have more than 3,500 children in our care in many different States in India. The children in Goa speak English and you are able to visit and communicate with them, these children will have more than one sponsor. All the money goes in one pot and all our children are supported through this.  Your money is helping all these children but you are connected to one in the Children’s Homes in Goa.
Our children love to receive letters and cards from their sponsors; your words can have a huge impact on their lives. Your letters and picture postcards are very precious to them, often kept in a special place and looked at frequently. They love to hear and see photos of your country and family. Your letters do not need to be long, a few simple words of encouragement is enough to let your child know you care and think about them. Write about things the child will understand and will interest and stimulate them. A few suggestions: Your family members, the area where you live, your pets, holidays, your sports and hobbies or any events you have attended, please include any photo.
Please be sensitive when writing about material aspects of your life, such as the size of your home and avoid areas suggesting visits to your country or what gifts they would like to receive, these can lead to jealousies between the children. Many of the children are not familiar with letter writing and respond in different ways so please be patient. They often love to draw and color pictures for their sponsors so these will be sent along with their letters. When writing please do not include your home address (not even on the envelope) as this may lead to begging letters. Always send your letters to the Goa office with the child’s name and ID number on the front; this will be forwarded to your child. Never post anything to the UK office for your child; we have no means of forwarding it. Remembering a child’s birthday can have a huge impact.  For many it may be the first time they celebrate having never had a birth certificate before.
my "new" daughter