Charity from Goa and others state in India

Finally my charity book is on line, watch the preview, the book is will be soon in ebook format for Ipad, iphone, android platform with an exceptional low price, this is a coffee book table format, thank to all my friend who have been supported me for a long time ,and God bless you all.

Eva with Love ♥

Extrait : Full of life – What is the reason behind a headline so full of hope and happiness ?

Despite the challenging, sometimes complicated situations the children are facing daily, they enlighten this book. There is a sense that they hold an exhaustive spirit for life and hope. They all wish and pray from the depth of their souls to find a glimmer of Love – a hug, praise, a glance…

All these children are part of a charitable organisation, born from the determination and will of two individuals, who provide the backdrop to this book. El Shaddai Charitable Trust, founders Anita Edgar and Reverend (Pastor) Mattew