Dear Members and Friends ,
I am now in Goa for good , and taking care
very closely of the “Child Rescue” charity just
few miles from my new home.

You all know that  have created a photobook
from my february photoshoot.

I have naturally offered all my copyrights to the
charity , and the sales revenues goes entirely
to them.

Better than a classic, but a bit costly hard copy
i have created the soft copy I-pad version also
available for I-pod touch.

The price is very low at 4.99 $ with only 2 $
going to the publishing platform (Blurb in US)

I need your personal support to buy one copy
and also possibly to “buzz” around you the
message in the social network new world.

Please use the permanent link

Just create an account and you are quickly
on the secured payment page.