A normal day in Kathleen House in Assagao, there is more then 50 children living there, their age is between 2 to 8, Just 5 woman care of them, plus the volunteers, coming from all the globe. This the most difficult place to handle, because children are so small, and “under control” , screaming and crying for every reason. Most of them have been place in the house also by the government of Goa, they have been abuse or worst.  Giving a hope to those children and a save place to live that it’s the aim of El Shaddai Charitable Trust.

Go to the website : El Shaddai Goa Charity   Sponsor a child is less then 20$/month think about it and contact Mrs Fernandes, telling her you are coming from this blog

What about Maria Fernandes  in El Shaddai:

Corresponding to Sponsors, communicating to Coordinators in Various countries, preparing, editing organizational literature, monthly and weekly reports & Slideshows of the organization giving information about the Homes, Shelters & Centres etc. and forwarding information to sponsors, friends and prospective sponsors. Creating Project Proposals, Project Updates, informing sponsors needing information about various projects, answering queries about the organization or forwarding to the concerned personnel. Carrying out tasks given by the MD & Management, handling Needlist requirements of Homes & Shelters, Editing & Updating Website Content.

Maria F <mariaf@childrescue.net>