~ Introduction to photography and digital camera ~
(Starting with DSRL or camera point and shoot with manual option)
This course will take place in IBIZA BEST PHOTO in English (available in French flyer-finaland Italian)
Av, Espana n. 29 IBIZA from 11.00 to 13.00 twice a week for 2 weeks ( 8 hours courses ) 70 €
Start the 17, 19, 24 and 26 February from 11h00 to 13h00
This course covers everything you need to take better photos. You’ll learn how to manage the gear and how to use it to fullest potential. From shutter speeds to apertures to depth-of-field and much, much more… This course is for beginners or amateur. Understanding how camera works and how to get all the performance in different scenarios and lighting situations.
During the beginners DSRL photography course you will learn:

Metering – the most important function of your camera
ISO – photo sensitivity explained in clear, jargon free terms
White balance – how to avoid unpleasant blue and yellow casts in your photography
Focus – an introduction to this elusive and deceptively tricky area of photography
Programs – the main programs explained from the ground up
Lenses – an in depth exploration, and how camera lenses can help add more creative control to your digital photography
F-stops – how to get the desired exposure using a combination of shutter speeds and f/stops
Course delivered by Eva Genin ~ www.evagenin.com